New things a-brewin'


Since lately I have only had my part time job at the winery to keep me partly busy, I have had a lot of time to just create. I realized (it's about time too!) that it is better to do 20 illustrations and have 5-10 turn out great (or even less) than to wait till I have in my mind what will be a great image. So I have been working, trying new ideas, really any idea I have. From potato angels to bearded acorns, I have 10 works in progress (building them all up in stages) and at least 10 blank surfaces to work with. My goal is to have 20 finished illustrations by the end of the month so that I have plenty to choose from for actually making my website in Jan-Feb.

I am also excited about the surfaces I have been using. Basically they are all reused board from Goodwill or other thrift stores. You know those cheesy images on wood, or those wooden sconces? I've been painting/drawing on those. It's really fun since some of them are in neat shapes, and I love the kitschy aspect of the wood. They also look amazing all close together. If I were to have a show of the work, I would want lots of pieces really close together like a family's photographs on a den wall.

The images themselves are silly, simple, textured, some are just nonsense. But right now, those are the sort of ideas I have been having...nonsense. Anyhoo, sorry for the lack of work on this blog as of late, I've been busy working. Just hold out till February!


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