Beardy sketches (without the beards)


So, i picked up my baileyworks bag yesterday and figured that i can attach about 32 small (2x2.75in) boards to the here's my first round of ideas of things to put facial hair on. I think the boy's underwear might be a little icky with a beard, so that one probably wont make it to round 2. i like the balloon-animal dog, the liberty bell, and the curling stone (go mom!), the best so far (i think). but i will like them all so much more when they get their beards and mustachios! click on the image to make it bigger! (if you want)

also, getting my work up on etsy this time is proving a bit longer of a hopefully by next week that task will be done! 


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that curling stone!

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