Prints are DONE!


Yay! It feels real good to be done with these bad boys. I had to fight tooth and nail with the printer, but I won (casualties: 2 sheets of paper)! I really had a good time with these, arranging all the different flowers. If you havent been keeping up, the flowers were based on Sarah's arrangements at Saipua. And the prints will be going up at Art Stream in Rochester, NH. The exhibit (The Incredible Print Show) will be opening May 1 and running through June 15th. 

In other news, it might be a few weeks until i have another post since I am going to be moving back to Bloomington, IN...I'll be working at Oliver Winery as the assistant landscaper. I'm very excited to be back in btown (sad that frank will still be here in NH) and working with flowers. But, i'll be posting again soon! for now, enjoy the pics. I will be selling limited editions of each on Etsy after the show is done. But i'll keep you updated on that!


kate so said...

I love these! I check out the Saipua blog now and again. Her arrangements are beautiful. I love your use of the flowers in every print...really clever.

syb said...

these are gorgeous! you should email the lady at Saipua about these -- really wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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