what's going on over at botaniche?


well, let me tell you! This week and next there is some multitasking going on. I am making some floral patterns for an upcoming project...here are the ones i've made so far. Go on over to my Botaniche blog to be in the know!


Sara said...

These are absolutely amazing! We were both at Bloomington together this past weekend, and I didn't get much chance to walk around, but seeing your work now I'm glad I didn't-- I don't think I would have gone home with much money! Wish we had met, maybe at a future craft fair :)

All the best,
Paper Tiger Cards

k.v. said...

thanks sara! i know... saturday was a little crazy for me too. we'll definitely have to meet up at the next one!

kit and nancy. said...

your floral designs are just divine. so talented!

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