Following the ol' gut


I thought this pic was pretty perfect for this post- my gut is front and center (thank you Juni), i look perplexed (a fairly common state of being for me), and my sis (who is my gut sounding-board) is pointing at said gut (and cackling). 

I'm currently in the middle of another gig for Chronicle Books- it's one that requires a lot of small/medium illustrations. At the beginning of this week i was over halfway done with draft one when my gut looked at what i was making and said- 'those?' (read as 'her?' a la arrested development). I wasn't pleased and knew i could do better, but with a deadline less than a week away, a near 5-month old, and half already done- i wasn't quite sure what to do. 

Enter gut sounding board sis. Everyone needs someone who will tell you lovingly like it is. My sis is that person- she can say, 'yeah- these aren't feeling quite right' and 'you're awesome' in the same conversation and mean both and not in the 'poop sandwich' "good thing- bad/truthful thing- good thing" type of way. 

Anyhoo- i basically started over on this project. Thankfully i was able to rework a lot of the art i had already made and i'm actually feeling good about meeting the deadline. And i'm SO glad that i trusted my gut and gut guru- which begs the question- are there times when you regret following your gut? I can't think of any for myself. 


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