Making Decisions


(this is how my brain feels)

I'm not sure if it's living in a college town, tiny hints of fall, or realizing that 2013 is well past the halfway mark- but I've been thinking about life, the future, and priorities lately. I won't delve into all my revelations in one post (you don't need to hear all about why our next car will probably be a truck....or do you?)

Anyhoo- i'll just focus on arts for now. As you may or may not know- I've been a little burned out on my Chipmunk Cheeks illustrations. They are super cute, people love them, and they really are my bread/butter at the moment (and they are in IKEAs!!!!). I also know there are so many animals that I haven't flowerized that would be awesome (helloooo- llama!). So I'm setting a schedule to have about 11 more by the year's end.

The other part of THE PLAN involves the Healing Wreaths. I see a lot of potential in them (and have gotten great feedback during the gallery shows) so I'm going to go full throttle and make a bunch (energy, happiness, focus, etc.) I have some fun ideas for having them on things other than prints- but that's a secret.

Here's the question though- the wreaths feels like their own separate shop (different than CC or my KV etsy shops). Do you test the waters with just a few products or go all out with design/packaging/aesthetic/? What would the shop name be called? With blogs and pinterest these days it feels like you get one big reveal and everything needs to be perfect. I would love to hear others' opinions on starting new ventures.

Ok, that's enough for now (there's more- but it involves books, travel trailers, and croissants)

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