moving forward


I've been working on a few pieces for a show at Gather back in Bloomington. The theme is "Home" and I was crazy-inspired by the nests of sociable weaver birds. The structure itself as well as its function is incredible. I envisioned a very simple ink painting with a few details. While I was picking up paper I noticed some wood boards that looked interesting and decided to grab a few to try them out. Instead of ink I went with acrylic/gouache/pencil- materials i used back in undergrad. It was enjoyable going back to them- but they weren't creating the feel i wanted. I continued to push forward and layer and layer until i really just had some blobs on wood boards. Here's the blobular evidence:

Although I could have just sent these to the gallery and been done with it- I realized i was missing an opportunity to move my work/portfolio forward. I've loved working with acrylic ink and am at a point with my website where things are all starting to almost feel happy-cohesive. So here are the new versions of the sociable weaver nests- the first two are each 5x7s and the last one is 11x14. If you're in Bloomington this fall- make sure to pencil in October 3rd to see the group show at Gather and check out these arts in person (so much prettier!)... 

I love giving up some control with how the ink moves around and mixes with the main shape and then re-introducing some control/restraint with the smaller details. Hooray for moving forward! 


Domestica said...

Love these!

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