oh the styles i've tried


So i've always been a schizophrenic artist...or maybe just one with a really short attention span. I'm always wanting to hone in on a style and the minute i feel like i do- i get another idea. thankfully for the past few years i've had a consistent feel (simple line work, florals, white space). Currently I'm moving more in the direction of my 2012 calendar. I think there is a lot there stylistically to keep me engaged for a while...and to move me beyond flowers. But i thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory super highway and look back on some of the past style-phases i've gone through....

2001: this is how i illustrated in early undergrad- because it's how my teacher illustrated and i was a good student.

2003: a short-lived, "trying to loosen up" phase.

2005: oh assfish! you were the first piece where i embraced my random humor.

2006: i thought this would be the style that stuck. i actually still love this piece...and some recent sketches i've done remind me of this dude...maybe this is a boomerang style for me.

2006: at least the thin black line has now been in the picture for a few years. 

2006: tried to bring back some of the gouache technique i learned in undergrad

2006: i had to put this one in- one of my all time faves- "nootka the sniffer." it's currently inspiring a potential children's book...and i dont think i will alter too much how i draw the nootka.

2006: man, i really thought the scribble style on wood was going to stick too. actually, i think that stork one had mega potential if it weren't for her stretch-armstrong-arms and stupid face. 

2007: who even knows. 

2007: whale face! this was one of those rare pieces that i fell in love with, and the style stuck for quite a while, but they were all on boards and those things are heavy!

2008: one of my "tweets illustrated" dudes...i liked them because i didn't have to draw hands. 

2008: i made these tiny pieces of art one year for xmas gifts for friends...notice the walrus on the bottom? that was where the flower/animal thing began.

2008: still like this painting.

2009: whoa, i've been doing animal/florals for 3 years? no wonder i'm ready for something new!
2009-2011: wait! don't forget the hearts in sweaters, sexy sasquatches, and other random stuff...ok, i feel better.

2011: really enjoying combing the simple line drawings with fun, doodly goodness! you'll be seen more of this in 2012!


Kim said...

I love your work, Katie, even if it has changed drastically throughout our friendship! ~ Kim

Kim said...

I love your work, Katie. Always interesting through your changing styles. ~ Kim

mick said...

Love this! Yay Katie!! Some of the stuff from 2006 reminds me of "Me Write Book," which is Bigfoot's memoir, of course, and still one of my favorite autobiographies. http://widemouthedblog.blogspot.com/2007/12/me-write-book-it-bigfoot-memoir.html

k.v. said...

mick! "me write book" and graham roumieu's other bigfoot books are staples in the vernon household! hope you're doing well.

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