So for the last few weeks I've only been working at Peppertree one or two days a week and have been trying to gracefully make my transition into 'doing art' as my full time job. I've given myself these two weeks to be inspired, be a bit lazy, create some goals, and remember what it's like to make art (that's not in flower form) everyday. Finally I feel my creative energy returning- it was really difficult when I was putting all of that energy into flowers and then trying to work on commissioned projects (which can be quite draining at times too) and then fulfilling etsy orders. Don't get me wrong- i LOVE commissions and etsy orders! But I had zero time and energy for really exploring new ideas, creating art that i just wanted to make, or even just drawing a bit everyday....i forgot that YOU NEED TO DRAW EVERYDAY! 

So yay for time, new goals, new energy, and a studio that i spent two days cleaning/organizing and approximately 1hr messing up again! The beginning of 2012 is going to be WORK-WORK-WORK (another post to come soon on some of the exciting projects already lined up) since approximately 141 days into 2012, my life will forever change* and I want to have a great base of new work lined up. 

*yeah, i hear babies do that. 


Jessie S said...

Hooray for art everyday and babies!

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