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Ok, unfortunately there are no gnus in this post. But here's the...
NEW: goldfish, beardy, mustachio, owl, and panda are up in the shop (some of these aren't that new, but I hadn't really posted about them yet). I have been experimenting a bit with my style (outside of the chipmunk cheeks stuff)- here's a little sketch:
I like that it's looser than my pencil drawings, but still has detail...we'll see where it goes. I have visions  of moving onto some pieces that are ink washes with embroidery- maybe for a gallery show or something like that. 

NEWS: So as of right now I am one week away from being full term with my little acorn! I have one more animal that will go up in the shop (hint: it's a lion), and i might put the shop on vacation for a few weeks when this little lady arrives (so buy stuff now!). I'm definitely going to keep Chipmunk Cheeks going, but won't be adding new items as regularly. My focus is shifting to a few other projects (see: little sketch above)...and another exciting project is the shop i'm starting with good friend Kate (curator of vintage shop Nelson and Lorraine). Check out Good Voyage ( we have a neat-o blog and our shop is launching MAY 1st! So be sure to check it out- go like us on facebook or something to stay in the know. 


i decided i had to deliver on the promise of gnus.


Arena Shawn said...

I came across your work on etsy and was knocked off my socks by the beautiful and whimsical designs. I've studied in Purdue and been to Bloomington many times. I wish I had the chance to see your work in person then...

k.v. said...

Arena- thanks so much for the kind words!

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