blog facelift


This rooster really has nothing to do with the post- i just like looking at him. It was time for a much needed blog facelift. Usually I just fool around with blogger's layouts, tweak things here and there and try to make something look fresh. Maybe it's the baby that is constantly at my boob or in my lap, or maybe I just realized that my blogger-tweaking skill level had maxed out- but i decided to fork over a little bit of cash and use one of the templates over at Blog Milk. It was so easy to switch over and i appreciate that they only sell 15 of each theme- so i know that there won't be hundreds of people with the same look. The only downside that i see is that it makes my website (click portfolio) look a little under designed...but that's a problem for another day. 

In other artsy news, not much is going on. I'm fine with that for now, what with my little june bug being so wee. But it's during these slow times that my mind thinks of 100 different projects that would be fun to do with the time i don't have. Hopefully i can at least keep my sketchbook handy and jot down a few of those thoughts. 


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