tweets, posts, pins, pics, oh my!


In the past I have been a reluctant social-media participant. I had all the accounts, but left them sad and alone. Lately I have had a slight change of heart. Perhaps it's the 3am nursing sessions where i'm basically in the dark with my babe and my phone- or it might be that i'm starting to enjoy each platform for its strengths and i'm not feeling the need to interconnect them. Here's the run-down:

Facebook is a given- you kinda have to be on there- it's the one platform that i do re-post blog posts since I know not everyone subscribes to them. It's also great for shop updates, new projects, etc.

Twitter has become more way more fun- I feel like i can post my random thoughts more freely than i can on FB- also there are lots of fun people/groups to follow (i find John Francis Daley, Bad Luck Brian, and my friend Mallory to be especially amusing at 3am)

Instagram was originally just a "make my phone photos look kinda cool" thing for me- but I got a little sick of choosing filters and ending up with a bunch of hipster-cliche photos. Then I read  Jason hudson's  instagrammar post that gave me a new outlook and new direction. The single tip of using one filter and sticking with it to create a consistent feel among your photos changed everything for me. Composing an appealing 'grid' of photos was so much more fun and I saw how instagram could be its own little creative outlet for me. The two pics above are from my 'new' instagram kick. It was Jason's advice in "2.1 Brand Development" that really helped me look at all these platforms differently. 

Pinterest is easily the most fun for me- i'm a visual person and a collector- being able to amass images that i respond to and categorize them accordingly just comes naturally. It can be a time-suck at times and it can feel tired and mommy-project-filled at other times. But I find that following people whose aesthetic you like or are inspired by is the way to go- and occasionally searching through specific categories (it's rare that i'll sift through the 'everything' pile). 

5 social platforms (including this blog) is my max for now- if something new and amazing comes along one of these others might have to go. But for now I'm feeling invigorated by these different outlets!


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