i'm alive


it's true- i am alive. 

is it too late in the year to start a resolution of blog posting about my arts once a week? After that last post i got a little more involved with instagram and twitter- but this poor blog was slightly forgotten about. I could also just continue to make excuses- i was traveling, i have a 4-month old baby, i'm working on a few big projects, i'm tired, i'd rather start watching Parks & Rec, blah blah blah!

so- resolution or not, i'm slightly dedicated to posting more often. Actually- since I'm promising to post once a week at Good Voyage, i'll just wrap this little bloggy into that commitment! (or at least try my darndest).  

In the meantime- here are some screen shots of places my art has been recently! Land of Nod turned my ships, flowers print into a neat-o canvas wall hanging (their title of "Sail the Ocean Blooms" is WAY cuter than "ships, flowers"), Chronicle Books is selling my recipe keeper (as are ModCloth and Barnes&Nobel), and the last shot is of Good Voyage's ducks over at Terrain!


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