time and ideas


So here's the problem- loads of ideas and not enough time.

What then happens (at least to me) is i feel the need to choose what the best idea is. Is it working on some large, black/white wreaths that are dancing around in my mind? or would those be more fun smaller and in color? which should i do first? are wreaths even that cool? would I be more satisfied doing something totally goofy? fun, silly animals? but man...i love botanicals- why can't i get away from flowers?! i can really see those wreaths being striking. Is a visually beautiful painting enough? can wreaths be deeper? They can be- but do they have to be? Or maybe i should work on this tooth book idea i have. But really what i need to do is work on things that show what i want to be doing in 5 years. But i have this commission piece that is helping pay some bills. Really what i want to do right now is spray paint all my brass door knobs. oh wait- little lady is up from a nap and i need to print and mail these orders.

Then by the end of the day, little lady is asleep, i have a wee bit of time... i have to work on stuff that i have committed to- commissions, etsy orders, etc. Ok, i feel good with where i'm at with those- i could work on something new (those damn wreaths dancing around my brain)- but my brain feels like this:
delicious indian food with a plastic fork stuck in it. 

i don't think i'll ever figure it all out. In the meantime- little lady IS actually up from her nap. 


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