new year clean up


Well, the studio is picked up, my living room is painted, and I finally did one of my "to do" pins on pinterest- The pic above the couch is a $7 blueprint copy mounted on foam board = cheap large-scale art! Also- it's one of my favorite pics- hubs and i were backpacking in the Badlands and woke up surrounded by bison. Then about 100 bison proceeded to stampede around our tent!

 It's a fine start to 2013- maybe i'll make some art goals for the year (seems like the thing to do).


Jennifer Harr said...

What a great pic!! Will you share how you mounted it on the foam board and how you hung it on the wall? Thank you!!

KV said...

Hey Jennifer- thanks much! I used a spray adhesive to put the print on the foam board and then hung it on the wall with those 3M picture hanging strips. Super easy!

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