goals: 2013 edition


I'm a firm believer that putting things (ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, etc) out into the universe- you see more results than if you just keep them in your head. (this tiger knows what i'm talking about!)

So here you go universe...my art goals for 2013:

1. Create enough strong new work to redo (or at least majorly update) my website 
- How i'm going to achieve this: draw every day, set aside one night a week (since nights are really the only time I have to work) to devote to personal/new work (not commissioned or other jobs).

2. Have a gallery show of personal work
- This one is already in the works!

3. Maintain the Chipmunk Cheeks shop, but not take on commissions/new works in that style. 
- I've been ready for a while to move on from these pieces...but it's been my bread and butter. So scaling back how much time I put into the Chipmunk Cheeks style is my first step. If i start getting enough orders to get in my way (time-wise) of other projects- I need to think about hiring some outside help.

4. Find excitement and joy in projects
- I've got a few amazing jobs that I'm working on right now- but they are majorly time consuming! Sometimes it's hard to remember how awesome it is that i get to do something creative, be with my daughter, and make pretty things that others enjoy.

5. Confidence in my craft
- I'm getting better at telling other people the cool things I'm doing/have done- and realizing that it's good to be proud of your accomplishments (and possible to talk about them without coming off as cocky). Sometime I feel the need to make excuses for my work (that was from years ago, I was going through some weird phase, etc)...I want to cut that out.

6. Learn one new artsy skill 
- I think this year I want to try needle-felting!


Conduit Press said...

Katie- I think your new year goals are GREAT! I can't wait to see your new work - you are one of the most level-headed artists i know, and i mean that as a compliment;) because you're an AWESOME artist;)

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