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As my last post indicated- i've been ingesting a lot of visual inspiration as of late and today I was looking over my "Muse" pinterest board- and trying to find the common threads between the pieces/artists that inspire me the most. And then I like seeing if I'm doing those things in my own work. So here's what I've discovered:
-I like when there's a balance of simplicity and freedom- when you can tell someone isn't trying to be super-exact and allows a bit of natural awkwardness to shine through. 
-I like texture- in the sense that it shows that someone hand-drew/painted the image.
-I like a specific color vision- using just a few colors or lots of colors, but not all the colors. 
-I like a story- I want to be able to imagine a narrative

The one that i kick to the curb most often in my own work is the narrative- what can I say- I love floating objects! It's definitely a goal to push myself to illustrate more scenes and stories. Right now I'm working on a few new pieces to accompany some of my healing wreath and botanical works for a local gallery show. It's been fun to stay within the overall look/feel of the wreaths but create some kinda whack-a-doo things. The image above is me having fun in photoshop with a pic of a part of one of the new pieces. (not sure if that even makes sense. ha!)

anyhoo, more info/pics to come soon!


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