Time and updates


See- how has it already been over a week since my pun post?! Even though I have some things scheduled throughout the week (today was juni's band practice and a workout for me)- I definitely loose track of my days- especially when it comes to work. I love the flexibility of working from home and for myself, but it's difficult to set a consistent work schedule. I know it will get easier as juni gets older and she can hang out in the studio without me fearing for her (and my art's) life.

Enough whining and dreaming- dwhiming? wheaming? dwheaning? Here's what I'm up to:
-Shooting pics of more prints for my shop!
-Sending off goodies to Domestica!
-Waiting for my calendars to come in next week!
-Working on some new healing wreaths!
-Starting to work harder on a secret project
-Brainstorming another project
-Ignoring my goal of adding more animals to Chipmunk Cheeks


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