new studio


For a while the hubs and i were thinking about renting a small apartment in downtown dubuque. Instead we decided on a 3-bedroom house closer to suburbia. boy am i glad! it's so nice to have a decent sized room with windows and a door to close so I don't have to look at the mess that will (soon) ensue. I didn't move with my old long table (hollow-core door on two shoddy shelves) so I went for two IKEA tables with adjustable legs. Since I have to move from thing-to-thing while filling etsy orders i decided to make it more of a standing desk/table- which I'm kinda excited about! In the old basement studio everything was kinda haphazard- printer on one side, trimmer on the other, mailers in another. And while I LOVE that people want my art in their homes- my least favorite thing to do is printing prints. Now I feel like there's a good flow for getting prints out the door- huzzah!

I also have two shelving things- once that is fairly organized...

and once that is not... 

also- though it's nice to have's my "nicer" view...
guess i could open up the blinds :)

I'll have more updates on the other things I've been doing this summer in a later post. For now my etsy shops are back up and running- so treat yo self!


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