whoa. what a crazy summer. we put all our belongings in a truck that drove away (for all i know our couch might have been hanging out in mexico for a long weekend!). we stayed with my mom for a bit, drove out to colorado to get away for two weeks, came back to my mom's, moved to dubuque, and now we're entering our last week of summer.

I feel so fortunate for so many things surrounding this summer- a hubbie who worked so hard last year, never letting his dad duties slide, and was happy to put work on hold for a bit this summer so we could all have this adventure. A two-year old who (for the most part) was incredibly flexible, didn't drive us too nuts, and re-learned how to nap in the car. A mom who took us and our doggie in when we didn't have anywhere to go. And so much more.

I thought I would get so much done (art-wise) this summer. Spoiler alert: i didn't. Thankfully I've been bitten by the productivity bug this past week and am feeling very motivated. I have a few bigger projects that I need to keep chipping away on- more on those later. For now- here are some pics from our time in Colorado.
did these two little map illos after some nice day hikes. working quickly and loosely was just what the art-doctor ordered!

The house we were renting was a hippie-haven. We were surrounded by nature inside and out. It was just what the nature-doctor ordered! (our fake doctor bills are out of control!)

We saw 3 moose! A moose trifecta!

Juni loving the mountains. No filter/adjustment needed on this pic. 

Perhaps my favorite pic of the summer. Perfectly sums up how cool the people I love most are. (yes- Juni is wearing a cape while playing the recorder)


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