MATS B WEEK 1 - Paper Market


Ah the first week back for part B of Make Art That Sells! I love the fast pace of these assignments and end up being super productive. This week the assignment was to create a holiday card with a toy train theme. After countless thumbnails (actually about 32)- I realized I wanted to just focus on some beautifully colored/decorated train cars rather than on illustrating a whole scene. The main reason behind this was Lilla's voice saying "make a card you would send." For me it had to be simple, interesting, and beautiful. Here's what I ended up submitting:
I think it's cute and I really like the colors I used. I think it would be awesome as wrapping paper. I'm not 100% on the hand lettering and a few other elements- so I may revisit it at some other point. But it's so good to be back at it!


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